Winner Service Award

May 1, 2014

Winner Service Award

Tammy Light from Sam Phillips, CPA is the latest recipient of the Winner Service Award. Although Mr. Phillips was not able to be present, he submitted the following article in praise of Tammy.

“Tammy started with our team in September of 2009. She brightens up the office every day when she comes in the front door. Always with a big smile on her face and ready to “face the day” with whatever challenges come her way. She is continually uplifting fellow team members with words of encouragement and always leading by example to always “look at the bright side” of every situation, no matter how dismal. Everyone on the team feeds off the energy supplied by Tammy.

Tammy excels in the area of customer service. Her professional manner of taking telephone calls and her enormously friendly manner of dealing with clients in person are invaluable assets to the company. She has a way about her that just makes our clients comfortable around her. She has the ability to explain issues to our clients in a way that they can easily understand. Tammy is always upbeat and our company is very thankful that she has chosen to join us in our mission of assisting taxpayers in dealing with the ever so cumbersome requirements established by the Internal Revenue Service.”

Pictured left to right: Janice Eischens, Brian Gansauer, Brenda Wilson, Bruce Jones Tammy Light, Dr. Steve Light, Amber Benson, Darren Dwyer, Leonard Ferguson. Also pictured is Chamber President-Elect Brian Gansauer presenting the award to Tammy.