UMCH Foster Parents Appreciated

May 16, 2014

UMCH Foster Parents Appreciated

This past Thursday, during their monthly Foster Parent Support Meeting, United Methodist Children’s Home surprised the foster parents with a celebration of appreciation. The foster parents were treated to a BBQ lunch, cake, and certificates of appreciation!

The UMCH Family-Supported Adolescent Foster Care Program has a support meeting each month for the foster parents to receive professional training and to network with one another. As a spectator, it looks like a group of parents who are laughing and talking about their teenagers. They share stories of struggle and success, but ultimately they share stories of love. When asked about “their foster kids” the parents quickly respond with, “They are our kids.”

“The foster care program at UMCH is a little different than most agency programs, because we deal solely with teenagers in foster care. We have a seen a significant growth in the need for these types of foster parents who can open their hearts to teens who need a home,” says Audrey Buescher, Foster Care Licensing Specialist.

May is National Foster Care Month and UMCH would like to share their gratitude to all foster parents who are helping kids in need. For more information on UMCH foster care program call Audrey at (618) 242-5600 x243 or visit