The Centralia Regional Library Summer Program

June 6, 2019

By Tina Suarez

The Centralia Regional Library is the place to be this summer. Please come in and participate in the activities, cool off and grab a book to read.

Summer reading program
Children ages 2-15 years of age can participate in the summer reading program from June 3 through August 1. Come to the library and register your children in the Youth Department. Children can earn great prizes by reading books and completing different activities on bingo cards that they are given. The prizes include coupons from Sonic, Wendy’s and Monical’s Pizza. For the grand prize your child can win a Kindle Fire tablet.

Adults ages 16 and older can also participate in a summer reading program from June 1 through August 1. Just pick up your book tasting menu at the circulation desk. Read three books on the menu, fill it out, and turn it back in for a prize. All of the turned-in menus will be placed in a grand prize drawing to be held in August. The grand prize can be viewed at the circulation desk.

Summer activities
at the library:

There will be afternoon snacks and activities Monday through Friday from 3 to 4 p.m. for children 18 and under. Please visit the library website and their Facebook page for more information. You can always call the library with any questions. All of the library staff will be more than happy to assist you. The library needs volunteers to help this summer to serve snacks to the children. In the summer, children and youth often spend the entire day at the library and sometimes do not have access to food during these hours. The program runs from June 3 to August 16. There is a website if you would like to sign up to help. Go to Also, you can go to Please share all of this information with your family and friends. Remember one hour a day would make a world of difference to a child and our community.

What are STEM Days? STEM Days are hands-on circuit and electronic activities for children ages 8-12. Every Wednesday, from 4 to 5 p.m. the youth department is having a STEM Learning Lab. Some of the activities are smart circuits, circuit maze, snap circuit and the electronic playground. Other topics include the solar system and sound technology. It is limited to 12 participants. Advance registration is encouraged.

Did you know the library has a Story Time on Demand? Bring your children to the children’s library upstairs and ask the youth librarian for a story time for your child(ren) when you are at the library. Your child will be able to choose the book from a selection of books to have the staff read to them. Crafts and activities are also available to do with each book. Don’t wait; bring your children or grandchildren in today for story time at your convenience.

Wow, did you know that your local library offers all of these amazing programs? Get your children or grandchildren signed up today. What a great summer education and fun time for the children. See you this summer at the library.