Steven Deeds Launches Kickstarter

July 16, 2013
Steven Deeds has experience with sound. Having been immersed in a variety of it for the better part of his existence, the 23-year-old independent artist from St. Louis, Missouri has made the most of his involvement, releasing a trio of EPs and one full-length album, Dreamer. The successes of each had enabled the folk singer to tour alongside several acts across the country, an adventure exposing him to myriad persons, places, ideas, and inspiration. Throw in a few hardships along the way, and you’ve the recipe for an inevitable absence of artistry, accentuated by personal affairs and external endeavors of which he continues to be a part.
By utilizing a spirit similar to that within his optimistic music, Steven refused to cave into the matter. Instead, he brainstormed what has become his next project, and current focus, The Cavern, which is slated for release in the spring of next year. The Cavern is no ordinary album, however; it is not a sequel or a sellout or a smattering of wishful stardom; rather, it is the journey of a man, a slave entrapped by his own intellectual undoing. It’s an uncommon tale told in more ways than one—along with the musical piece will be a companion picture book, bringing the entire story to fruition. Professionally illustrated and creatively crafted, the pages will provide clarity into the conscience of the project and its protagonist—affording the audience distinct angles with which to view the acoustic narrative. Unfortunately, ambition is not as free as the mind of the main character.
While artistry offers an avenue for terrifying and terrific tales to be told, it is not without the efforts and expenses of the artist themselves that these stories blossom. To ensure the proper growth of The Cavern, Steven Deeds is accepting a multitude of pledges, each incorporating gift(s) expressing gratitude. He hopes to be able to share this story with you all, and I kindly ask for your assistance in making that wish a reality. Thank you.
Please visit his page for more details.
Written by Taylor Rummel