SSM Health Good Samaritan Hospital RN honored with DAISY Award

January 1, 2020

Julie McKinnies, an RN with the OB Unit at SSM Health Good Samaritan Hospital – Mt. Vernon, was surprised recently with the prestigious DAISY Award for extraordinary nursing.

McKinnies was nominated for the DAISY Award by a patient who shared this story: “I came to labor and delivery to be induced after a doctor’s visit due to high blood pressure readings. I was supposed to be induced on Sunday, but after my doctor’s appointment it was decided that I should go ahead and be induced that same day. When I arrived at the hospital and got settled into my delivery room, I got to meet my nurse for that day. Julie came in and immediately made me feel comfortable. This being my first pregnancy and baby, I was quite nervous, especially since I had preeclampsia. The entire floor was extremely busy, but I felt like Julie was making a priority to stick around me and make sure that I had everything that I needed and wanted. Julie explained everything in detail to me. My baby wasn’t liking some of the positions I was laying in and Julie made sure to keep an eye on the monitor and didn’t hesitate to switch my positions as fast as possible if my baby didn’t like a certain one.”

“Julie helped me tremendously and continued to stand by my side. She walked me through the epidural process and held my hand while the anesthesiologist performed my epidural. She continued to check to make sure I was not in pain. Unfortunately, the end of her shift was near and she wasn’t able to be there for the actual birthing process, but she was able to be my nurse on my last day at the hospital and explained everything I needed to know about me and my baby boy. She made the discharge process very smooth and made sure everything was understandable. She definitely has a heart of gold. She deserves a DAISY award.”

“Julie not only took care of me but also checked on my boyfriend and family members to make sure they had everything they needed. She went into great detail on the day of discharge about follow up appointments and special instructions. She made sure to make our experience as first-time parents very memorable at SSM Health Good Samaritan. She is full of great knowledge and is a very good asset to SSM Health. You are very lucky to have Julie on your team and I hope I’m able to reconnect with her one day. She was a huge blessing to me that day, she showed how much she cared and was very personable with me which made me feel so much better. Thanks for everything, Julie! I appreciate it more than you know.”

The DAISY celebration for McKinnies included a presentation by the DAISY cheering team of a special sculpture, a certificate, a banner which is housed in the OB Unit to indicate a DAISY recipient works on the unit, and cinnamon rolls. Cinnamon rolls are part of the traditional celebration because it was the only food which J. Patrick Barnes would eat when hospitalized.

Learn more about the DAISY Award at Anyone can nominate an SSM Health extraordinary nurse; nomination information and forms are located in the hospital’s cafeteria.

Pictured is Julie McKinnies, RN