SINA speaker discusses battery intervention program

November 26, 2019

The Southern Illinois Networking Association met on Thursday, November 21. Guest speaker Kathy Donnelly spoke to SINA members regarding the batterer’s intervention program, Men Challenging Violence, which is a program of the Community Resource Center that utilizes the Duluth Intervention Model.

Donnelly explained that domestic violence is about one partner trying to maintain power and control over the other partner. She also stated that a child that is a witness of domestic violence is more affected by watching their mother be abused than if the abuse was happening to themselves.
Referrals for the Men Challenging Violence program are most often from the court system, DCFS, or IDOC. Some participants are self referred. The classes are a minimum of 24 weeks, but if a participant re-offends the program is a minimum of 48 weeks. Research has found that two thirds of the men that attend these programs do not physically reoffend.

Donnelly has been a co-facilitator for this program for over twenty five years.