SIHF Healthcare Raises Awareness During Men’s Health Month

June 10, 2019

SALEM, ILL. (June 5, 2019) – SIHF Healthcare is raising awareness for boys and men to make their health a priority. This comes as June is Men’s Health Month.

Boys and men need to be on top of their health before it becomes a cause for concern. From an early age, boys and men should establish themselves with a doctor.

“I would remind men that the data is always shifting and that decisions made to detect and prevent illness should be made in collaboration with their healthcare provider,” says Seth Hahs, MD in Internal Medicine for SIHF Healthcare in Salem, Ill. “Presently, the recommendations regarding disease processes specific to men, such as prostate cancer, are in favor of routine attempts to detect the cancer early.”

Regular preventive tests and screenings are necessary, depending on age and risk factor. Examples include blood pressure screenings, cardiovascular screenings, colorectal cancer exams, prostate cancer exams, and testicular cancer exams.

“I recommend striving for realistic health-related goals for sleep, diet, and exercise, keeping in mind those things have to be prioritized with the other demands placed on patients,” Hahs adds.”

You can easily make your health a priority with the help of our providers at SIHF Healthcare. Our medical professionals service over two dozen locations and specialize in family and internal medicine. Your provider will treat you as an individual and will work directly with you to help you reach your best overall health. Click here to find an SIHF health center near you.