Sid Milliner – Ghost Towns Of Southern Illinois

May 4, 2018

Saturday, May 12 at 2:00pm in the Schweinfurth Museum at the Historical Village

The Jefferson County Historical Society presents: Sid Milliner-Ghost Towns of southern Illinois

Come listen and learn about ghost towns of southern Illinois presented by former history teacher, Sid Milliner. It may be a surprise that there are many ghost towns in southern Illinois. Illinois was known as the West at one time. In southern Illinois, there were early railroad and mining towns. Some of these towns are completely covered over with brush and are not remembered except in the record books. There were once more than 800 communities in southern Illinois that have one by one faded into ghost towns.

The sponsors for this program are Aletta Lawrence and Ryan Swan and Off Broadway Cleaners.

For interviews you may contact: Sid Milliner at 618-231-4468

This program is provided free of charge, donations are appreciated. The Jefferson County Historical Village is located at 1411 North 27th Street in Mt. Vernon. For more information contact the Historical Society office at (618) 246-0033.