Sandoval FFA Banquet

May 1, 2019

The Sandoval FFA Banquet was recently held on April 26, 2019 at Sandoval High School. All guests enjoyed a meal prepared by Mrs. Maribeth Detmer and Mrs. Casey Bolin.

FFA members who participated in Career Development Events were recognized:

Dori Brandt- Job Interview, Dairy
Mya Brown- Land Use
Bailee Dykstra- Land Use, Agronomy, Dairy, Livestock, Ag Business
Courtney Evans- Job Interview
Kira Gonzalez- Dairy, Livestock, Ag Business
Jillian Heinzmann- Land Use, Quizbowl, Agronomy, Poultry, Dairy, Public Speaking, Livestock, Ag Business
Taylor Hull- Horse
Colton King- Land Use, Quizbowl
Martin Melton- Land Use, Quizbowl
Isabelle Moore- Agronomy
Haylee Pascavich- Horse, Land Use, Quizbowl
Mallory Pigg- Horse, Land Use, Quizbowl, Agronomy
Shelby Pigg- Horse, Land Use, Job Interview, Agronomy, Public Speaking, Ag Business, Livestock
Brianna Rachilla- Horse
Summer Ridings- Agronomy, Poultry, Ag Business
Dasani Schaedler- Land Use
Hannah Timmons- Land Use, Quizbowl
Mack Weiss- Job Interview, Dairy, Livestock

Mya Brown, Jillian Heinzmann, Haylee Pascavich and Hannah Timmons were recognized for their participation in the District FFA Science Fair this year.

FFA continuously encourages all students do their best academically. FFA members who currently had a 3.9 or higher GPA were given the academic pin for their FFA jacket.

Jillian Heinzmann
Haylee Paskavich
Courtney Evans
Megan Parson
Shelby Pigg
Summer Ridings
Dori Brandt

Dori Brandt, Mack Weiss, Dasani Schaedler completed a Supervised Agricultural Experience project in 2018. Within their project, they must keep detailed records on the activities they complete. These individuals were given a pin for their jacket.

Kira Gonzalez, Jillian Heinzmann, Colton King, Alexis Kubina, Martin Melton, Haylee Paskavich, Mallory Pigg, and Hannah Timmons received their FFA Greenhand Degree, award to the first year members.

The second degree of advancement in the FFA is the Chapter FFA Degree. To qualify for this degree a member must have received the Greenhand degree, completed 1 year of instruction in an agricultural course, have a Supervised Agricultural Experience project and attended at least 3 official chapter functions. Those who have earned their Chapter degree includes: Mya Brown, Courtney Evans, Isabelle Moore, Megan Parson, Shelby Pigg, Summer Ridings, Dasani Schaedler and Morgan Weiss.

This year, there will be two Sandoval FFA member who will be receiving their State FFA Degree at the State Convention in June. Dori Brandt and Mack Weiss were recognized for this honor.

Levi Brown will be receiving the highest award earned within the National FFA in October at the National Convention therefore he was commended on a great job in earning the American FFA Degree.

Mrs. Bolin presented special awards to the following:
Freshman Positive Participator- Jillian Heinzmann who attended 25 events this school year.
Sophomore Positive Participator – Shelby Pigg who attended 28 events this school year.
Junior Positive Participator – Dasani Schaedler who attended 18 events this school year.
Senior Positive Participator – Mack Weiss who attended 24 events this school year.
I Can Move Mountains Award was given to Mack Weiss.
The Highest of High Fives Award was presented to Dori Brandt.
The Step Up, Stand Out Award was given to Dasani Schaedler.

Four seniors, Dori Brandt, Jalynn Day, Riley Thompson and Mack Weiss, have been an FFA member for their entire high school career. Those individuals were given an FFA stole to wear at graduation.

President, Mack Weiss recognized Mr. and Mrs. TJ Bolin for their dedication to the FFA chapter for the past seven years. The family was recognized and given a plaque.

The 2019-2020 Sandoval FFA Officer Team was installed and includes:
President Shelby Pigg
Vice President Dasani Schaedler
Reporter Summer Ridings
Secretary Courtney Evans
Treasurer Megan Parson
Sentinel Mya Brown
Historian Isabelle Moore
FFA Advisor Ms. Allyssa Barnes

Sandoval FFA Advisor, Mrs. Bolin recognized the 2018-19 officers for their extreme dedication and hard work to their own organization this past year.
President- Mack Weiss
Vice President- Dori Brandt
Reporter- Shelby Pigg
Secretary- Courtney Evans
Treasurer- Megan Parson
Sentinel- Riley Thompson
Historian- Dasani Schaedler

Pictured above: 2018-2019 officer team: Mack Weiss, Dori Brandt, Shelby Pigg, Courtney Evans, Megan Parson, Riley Thompson, Dasani Schaedler, and Mrs. Casey Bolin.

Shelby Pigg, Dasani Schaedler, Summer Ridings, Courtney Evans, Megan Parson, Mya Brown, Isabelle Moore, and Mrs. Casey Bolin.