Kiwanis Club of Mt. Vernon Tours Veterans Museum at Mt. Vernon Airport

June 4, 2019

On March 30, traditional Memorial Day, the Kiwanis Club of Mt. Vernon held its fifth Thursday of the month family night at the Mt. Vernon Outland Airport. After a good meal an the newly opened Bonnie Café at the Airport, Airport manager, Chris Collins, gave the club a tour of the Veterans Museum and Hall of Fame. They saw many artifacts from WWI and WWII that had been donated to the museum or were on loan from local veterans and families of veterans. The Hall of Fame has rows and rows of pictures with the service history of local veterans from Jefferson County. Chris gave detailed accounts of many of the veterans and their stories from the war. Jefferson County had many heroes who served their country with honor. A visit to the museum is well worth your while. You will undoubtedly see a name or two you know on the wall. Give them a salute for their service and maybe a tear in remembrance of their sacrifices.

Pictured L to R: John Shrum, Harleigh Padget, Judy Shrum, Jim Shurtz, Heather Swan, Glenn Littrell, and Chris Collins.