KC Students Develop Friendships Through Student Clubs and Organizations

April 18, 2019

Students at Kaskaskia College have opportunities to develop friendships, enhance knowledge in their field of study, connect with other students with similar interests and deepen their involvement with the College through the wide variety of Student Clubs and Organizations.

Student life at the College includes approximately thirty options for students to connect and learn inside and outside of the classroom. Student clubs and organizations have been established to support classroom learning, encourage high levels of scholarship and connect students with similar interests and backgrounds. The clubs and organizations are student led with KC faculty and staff support. They are encouraged to meet regularly, serve our community and conduct fund raising activities throughout each year.

Many academic programs in the College have a student club which support classroom learning. Examples of these clubs include, the Cosmetology Club, Dental Assisting Club, Kaskaskia Engineering Association, Student Nurse and Student Practical Nursing Organizations, and the Criminal Justice Club. Students who participate in these clubs benefit from career directed activities and commonly use fund raising dollars to take educational field trips to other colleges or professional conferences.

Emily M Schniers of Junction City, a cosmetology student, describes her experience in the Cosmetology Club, “I’ve learned that in order to achieve my goals, I need to keep moving forward. I have learned that there will always be downfalls and that being surrounded by the right people will give you the motivation to keep going. I’ve been given many opportunities and wouldn’t have got them if it was not for my teachers and fellow classmates. I feel like I have gained leadership skills because of the opportunities I have been given at KC. The St. Louis Hair Show was one of my favorite experiences I went through with the cosmetology program”.

Morgan Downing of New Baden, an engineering student adds, “Being in the Engineering Club has allowed me to make new friends and meet new people. I have gotten to take tours of manufacturing facilities and talk to professional engineers about my career path. Every year we have a group project, and it has helped me to work in a team environment that will be similar to what I will be doing in the future. The Engineering Club has allowed me to attain a better understanding of what it means to be an engineer, and although I was apprehensive about joining a club at first, I am, extremely glad I ended up joining”.

Two honor societies at the College promote high levels of scholarship among our students. These honor societies include Alpha Delta Nu Nursing Honor Society and Phi Theta Kappa. Students who achieve membership in these honor societies experience benefits, such as, leadership opportunities within the honor society and enhanced resume strength as they seek future employment. Phi Beta Lambda is another organization on campus in which business students can participate and gain leadership opportunities and career preparation.

Students with similar interests, backgrounds and life experiences are provided opportunities to connect with others through the Student Life offerings at the College. For example, students who have a strong interest in writing can attend workshops to improve writing skills or meet accomplished authors by participating in the Writers Club. In addition, students who seek leadership experiences in government can become members of Student Congress. Faith based student clubs and organizations include BASIC (Brothers and Sisters in Christ) and Fellowship of Christian Athletes. The Student Veterans Organization provides opportunities for connecting with students and family members of veterans or active military students.

Student experiences at Kaskaskia College are enriched through participation in a wide variety of Student Life opportunities. Time and again, KC Alumni speak about the relationships they formed while a student at the College and many of those relationships began in student clubs and organizations at Kaskaskia College.

For more information regarding KC’s student clubs and organizations, please contact Jordan Coffey at 618-545-3174.