KC Radiology Program Purchases C-arm Equipment

February 6, 2020

The Kaskaskia College Radiologic Technology Program recently purchased a Gemss KMC-950 C-arm through Perkins grants.

The C-arm is a mobile machine which is used primarily for fluoroscopic imaging during surgical and orthopedic procedures. Fluoroscopy is an imaging technique that uses a continuous flow of x-rays to demonstrate real-time visualization of body structures in motion. The name for the C-arm is determined according to its shape. The “C” portion of the machine can rotate 180 degrees with the ability to visual structures in multiple projections.

Julie Obermark, Dean of Nursing and Health Sciences states, “This specialized piece of equipment will enhance our students learning experience prior to their arrival in the clinical setting.”

According to Mimi Polczynski, Director of the Radiologic Technology Program, “Our goal is to always find ways to better prepare our students in all areas of an imaging department. In our lab and classroom setting, the students will manipulate and position the C-arm to simulate real life situations in a surgical suite. This will prepare students for working in sterilized surgical procedures, orthopedic cases and trauma injuries. We are so fortunate to have funds granted to us for this type of purchase. Kaskaskia College continues to demonstrate commitment for providing the highest quality of education for our future radiographers!”

Pictured are Candace Sloat, Kaskaskia College Radiologic Technology Clinical Coordinator; Mimi Polczynski, Kaskaskia College Radiologic Technology Program Director; Sharon Elwood Kaskaskia College Radiologic Technology Faculty.