KC Collision Club Washes Cars for Good Cause

April 28, 2014

KC Auto Collision Club Washes Cars for Good Cause

The Kaskaskia College Auto Collision Club held its annual car wash to benefit the Centralia Humane Society on Wednesday April 23 and Thursday April 25. The club has held the event every spring since 2000, according to club sponsor and long-time Humane Society advocate Professor Danny Mays.

KC students, faculty, and staff were invited to bring their vehicles to the Auto Collision Lab for an exterior wash, including road tar and bug removal. The $9 donation for each car was slated to help fund the Centralia Humane Society Shelter, located at 8190 Shattuc Road.

“The shelter has $3500 to $4500 in expenses each month, and it relies on private donations,” Mays said. “It is a no-kill shelter, and we spay and neuter the animals. We also do micro-chipping. We are always looking for volunteers to exercise the dogs and sit with the pets.”

According to Mays, many elderly people, who can no longer care for a pet of their own, come to the shelter to spend time with the animals. This not only helps calm the animals, it has proven health benefits for the visitors. “Stress levels decrease when you pet an animal,” Mays said. “As I always say, my therapist has a cold nose.”

On Wednesday, the students washed 25 cars and trucks, raising a minimum of $225 for the shelter, although many gave larger donations than the requested $9.

Those who would like to help are encouraged to visit the shelter, give a donation, or perhaps bring home a new member of the family.