Kaskaskia College Hosts Human Resources Summit

October 11, 2013

Kaskaskia College once again co-sponsored and played host to a human resources summit attended by HR professionals and business owners from around the college district on Thursday, October 10.

“This program is designed to bring the human resource professional and business owner up to date on current issues in employment and labor law,” according to materials distributed at the event.

The summit was co-sponsored by the St. Louis law firm of Sandberg, Phoenix, and von Gontard, P.C., whose attorneys presented on the topics of Pay issues and the Fair Labor and Standards Act, Hostile Environments and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Termination and Discipline, Union and National Labor relations Board, and Hiring. The presenters included attorneys John Gilbert, Narcisa Symank, and Timm Showalter, who presented on and answered questions on the topics.

This is the second of a planned semi-annual series of Human resource summits being planned by Kaskaskia College Business and Industry. Its director, Art Borum, was gratified at how well attended the summit was, and is planning new topics including the use of social media and the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare), for the next summit after the first of the year.

“Kaskaskia College Business and Industry is proud to bring this service to our area businesses,” Borum said. “It is part of our commitment to the economic growth and well being of our district.”

For more information on the next HR Summit or other inquiries, please contact Art Borum at 618-545-3401 or via email ataborum@kaskaskia.edu.

Pictured: Narcisa Symank, of Sandberg Phoenix and von Gotard P.C, addresses the attendees at the second semi-annual Human Resources Summit held at Kaskaskia College.