JCHS Village Open Every Weekend

May 15, 2019

By Tina Suarez-

The Jefferson County Historical Village is open on the weekends May through October on Saturdays from 10 to 4 and on Sundays from 1 to 4. Other times are available by appointment.

The Village offers fourteen buildings to tour. Visitors can begin their tour in the Welcome Cabin/Gift Shop. All visitors sign the guest book before entering.

The Koy Cabin is a log home built in 1889 in Casner Township by August Koy.

The Clifton Cabin was built by Thomas Clifton in 1865 in Mt. Vernon Township and was occupied until 1920.

East Hickory Hill School was built in 1919 west of Bluford and was given to the village by Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher Ferrar.

City Calaboose is a former jail donated to the village in the 1980’s and was moved to the village ca 1992. The 1820 structure was originally located at 11th and Main Streets at the present fire department’s location.

Mt. Olive Church was built by John and Howard Gentle (1873); the church was located southeast of Bluford, Illinois. The pews inside are those originally used in the church.

Blacksmith Shop was constructed by Mt. Vernon resident Bill Steffy. This is a replica of the Thomas Atkins Blacksmith shop. The former Atkins Blacksmith Shop was located in Waltonville, Illinois. Many of the contents that you see when you visit are from the original shop.

Jeffersonian Print Shop was erected on the grounds in 1991 and houses presses, type and other equipment used from the mid 19th century until the 1950’s.

The General Store is a replica of a store operated by James T. Johnson in east Mt. Vernon in the 1920’s. It was purchased from local historian Tom Puckett ca 1991 and was moved to the village. Johnson was Puckett’s great-grandfather.

Medical Building was constructed of the best logs salvaged from two cabins donated by the Hays and Marteeny families of Jefferson County.

Schweinfurth Museum and Interpretive Center was constructed in 1996 with funds donated by Carl Lincoln Schweinfurth. The museum houses the Historical Society’s collections and memorabilia of the history of Jefferson County.

The Village offers a weekend speaker series as well as other events. For more information on these unique and wonderful events please call the Historical Village at 246-0033. You can also visit historicjeffersoncountyil.com.

You and your family can be part of this great history by purchasing a stone in the courtyard with your family’s name on it. What a great way to honor an individual or your entire family. This is a tax deductible donation. Membership prices to the Jefferson County Historical Society are: Youth $12.00, Pioneer Level (Individual) $25.00, Pioneer Level (Couple/Family) $35.00, Mt. Olive Church Level $50.00- $99.00, Hickory Hill School Level $100.00-$299.00, Puckett’s General Store Level $300.00-$499.00, Zadok Casey Level $500.00-$999.00 and Carl L. Schweinfurth Level $1,000.00 plus.

This is a wonderful place to bring your children to show them the history of their county. It would be a great education that they will treasure for years to come. You don’t need to travel far to have a great family fun day.
Please visit the Jefferson County Historical Village.