Hoot The Owl Vocabulary Program

August 13, 2014

Hoot the Owl is a wise bird who knows the importance of building a good vocabulary at a young age. Hoot works with Laveta Middleton, first grade teacher at Schiller School, to help first, second and third grade students learn a new higher level vocabulary word each week.

This summer Hoot and Middleton visited area businesses to film a short video about a vocabulary word chosen by Hoot that relates to each business. Middleton introduced the word and its definition, then an employee of the business explained a little bit about how the word relates to the business.

During the upcoming school year a new concept will be introduced each week and clues will be given to the students throughout the week. On Friday, the students watch the video and learn the new word.

Hoot and Laveta recently visited the Shoppers Weekly Papers to teach a new secret word, where Production Manager Scott Pinkowski explained to the students a little bit about the work he does and how it relates to the vocabulary word.

Pictured above (L to R) are Scott Pinkowski, Laveta Middleton,  and Hoot the Owl.