Ghost In A Graveyard: Another Exciting Treasure Hunt

May 29, 2018

By Cathy Stuehmeier-

It’s time to show off your treasure hunting skills and claim the newest treasure in the area. “The Centralia Ciphers” is another treasure hunt phenomenon by local treasure hunter and adventure enthusiast Rick McDonald who started a treasure hunting group on Facebook called “Ghost in a Graveyard.”

As a kid, treasure hunting is just a game you play, but today the treasure hunting world is a reality thanks to McDonald, and the game is a reality for all ages. Use the cipher below in addition to weekly clues in the Shoppers Weekly Centralia / Salem publication and on the Shoppers Weekly Facebook page, and at the end of the hunt you will gain great rewards. The newest hunt brings the one who solves the puzzle a treasure chest full of goodies, including a new set of tires from Firestone of Centralia.

A few things to keep in mind :
• You hunt at your own risk.
• It’s not necessary to do anything illegal or dangerous.
• The treasure is not hidden on private property, and you’ll find it within the Centralia city limits.

The first clue is below. Happy Hunting everyone and good luck!