Ghost in A Graveyard Weekly Clue

October 24, 2017

Last week we wrote about a local treasure hunt that has brought hundreds out of their homes in search of a Rock that will win the finder $1000 worth of Silver Bullion.

It’s hidden in Marion County and all you need to find it is the Map, and of course Weekly Clues. This week Rick McDonald, who is behind the hunts that have brought so much joy and adventure to the community, would like to let searchers and our readers know that “This Rock Only Rolls On One Side.”

Rick McDonald started the Facebook page Ghost in A Graveyard months ago, and as mentioned last week it now has over 3000 members.

It’s grown quicker than Rick ever expected and he stated he receives dozen of messages and questions on the page, one being, “How will we know we have found the right rock?”

Rick replies by saying, “When you turn it over you’ll know!”

He would like to help searchers and our readers with this burning question and allow us to reveal the bottom of THE rock. It reads, “Rock Around The Clock Winner.”

For more information or to join the hunt visit Ghost in the Graveyard on Facebook.


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