Ghost In A Graveyard Treasure Hunt

October 10, 2017

Local treasure hunter and adventure enthusiast Rick McDonald started a treasure hunting group on Facebook called Ghost in a Graveyard.

Rick published a treasure map which contained challenging and cryptic clues to the location of a hidden treasure chest, or in the case of the latest hunt, a key, and invited the public to find it and claim the treasure. During the latest hunt, membership to the group has grown to nearly 3,000 members.

The latest treasure hunt organized by Rick McDonald recently ended after about seven weeks when Veronica Gibson and Kay Thomas of Iuka (pictured) unlocked all the clues from the treasure map and found the key that was hidden somewhere in Marion County.

Gibson and Thomas came to Jim’s Coin Shop in Centralia with the key to claim the treasure chest which contained several rare coins, paper money and other collectibles. Individuals and businesses added items to the treasure chest as time went on so the treasure kept accumulating as time went on.

Rick plans to start a new treasure hunt soon, so keep an eye out in a future issue of The Shoppers Weekly Papers to learn more. Search for “Ghost in a Graveyard” on Facebook for more information.