Ghost In A Graveyard Launches New Treasure Hunt

October 17, 2017

By Jessica Hanks

As a kid, treasure hunting is just a game you play—a world that you enter through imagination. A world where you cross high seas and fight wild, starving pirates along the way.

Today in Marion County, Illinois this world is now a reality and the game can be played by everyone of all ages. Rick McDonald, a local treasure hunter and adventure enthusiast, has started a treasure hunting group on Facebook called Ghost in a Graveyard, making it possible for this childhood game to be played again with a BIG reward.

The newest hunt includes a chest with $1,000 worth of silver, but to find it you will be crossing Marion County instead of the high seas and running into other hunters who are quite a bit friendlier than pirates would be!

In last week’s Shoppers Weekly, we wrote about Rick’s earlier hunt, Where the Bell’s Toll, which ended after seven weeks when the key to unlock a chest of treasures was found by a pair of hunters from Iuka.

In recent days, the third hunt has launched. Rock Around the Clock is the name of the new hunt and its map has many challenging and cryptic clues. As soon as word spread that the hunt was on, thousands of searchers flocked to a few local businesses who agreed to hand out copies of the maps, one being Jim’s Coin Shop, where the treasure chest can be viewed and a log book can be signed.

Rick McDonald was able to collect sponsors who made it possible for the current treasure to be worth so much. Rick, a professional treasure hunter, goes across country to hunt treasure hidden years ago by the Spanish and has spent thousands of dollars on equipment and traveling.

Ghost in a Graveyard hunters have no need for expensive equipment or days of traveling. Rick said the map is all you need. It has been made easy so the whole family can enjoy. Many members (a.k.a. hunters) have written praise about Rick McDonald and how his treasure hunts are something for them to do with their family, bringing kids, spouses and friends together.

One hunter told me, “It truly has brought my family together and given us a reason to get off our iPads and phones and head outside. We’ve discovered beautiful places in Marion County we would have never visited otherwise. In the end, the true treasure is time spent together. So we really appreciate Rick for the effort and time he has spent putting this all together.”

On the Facebook page there are many messages giving thanks to Rick for the fun adventure. In May of 2017 when Ghost in a Graveyard started, it had a few hundred members, but now has grown to over 3,000. In shock of how quickly it took off, Rick is excited to keep going and is planning a fourth hunt.

He wishes good luck to all the hunters and states that “no damage to landscaping is necessary, no law needs to be broken, including trespassing.” He encourages all hunters to be respectful of public property and also states “Time can point a direction.” For more information visit the Ghost in a Graveyard page on Facebook.