Free straw to pet owners

November 13, 2019

The City of Centralia will continue their six-year program of giving free bales of straw to pet owners, if needed, to help keep pets safe and warm. Straw may be picked up at the Animal Shelter, 846 Woods Lane, or contact Animal Control Officer Bobby Patton at 618-335-5471 and he will deliver it at no charge. Anyone needing a dog house or knowing of an animal in distress should contact Animal Control Officer Bobby Patton to ensure the animal’s safety.

Practice cold weather safety. Outside dogs should be brought inside during extreme cold weather. Pet houses should be secure from air leaks; have a floor off the ground to avoid water coming into the house; and have significant bedding (straw) to allow the animal to keep warm. Make sure your pet always has access to water and that their water source doesn’t freeze over. Change/add water to bowls as needed.

Don’t leave your pet outdoors unattended, and make sure they are wearing their ID tags. Pets can become disoriented outdoors, during snow storms and get lost.

Check and clean your pet’s paws for ice and salt after a walk outside. Ice salt can be toxic if ingested.

Monitor your pet’s diet. Pets may use more calories to keep warm in the cold. You may need to increase your pet’s daily amount of food to compensate.