Final distribution of Marion County real estate taxes

March 23, 2020

Marion County Treasurer Gary L. Purcell has completed the final distribution of the 2018, payable 2019 Marion County Real Estate Taxes.

$2,862,121.75 in Real Estate/Mobile Home Tax along with $9,266.17 in interest was distributed to the taxing bodies.

The final distribution of 2018 payable 2019 Marion County Taxes is a combination of work from the Marion County Clerk’s Office, Marion County Supervisor of Assessments’ Office, and the Marion County Treasurer’s Office and their employees. The distributions would not be possible without the help of Marion County banks and credit unions during collection of taxes. The distribution includes proceeds for the Delinquent Tax Sale, Trustee Surplus Property Auction and interest collected from bank accounts, plus recent redemptions of Real Estate and Mobile Homes.

Marion County Treasurer’s Annual Report of Taxes Collected for the 2018 Payable 2019 Tax Year 

Collection Amounts: Real estate, $37,086 906.56;Railroad, $1,823,985.76; Mobile Home, $163,525.75; Miscellaneous Adjustments, $392,938.11; Total, $39,467,356.18.

Distributions to Taxing Bodies: Odin Cemetery, $4,741.34; Multi Township Assessors, $63,206.65; Salem Airport, $76,768.54;  Centralia Library, $464,128.08; TIF Districts, $765,773.07;Townships, $1,497,707.05; Fire Districts, $1,754,029.61; Township Road and Bridge, $1,799, 374.17; Cities/Villages, $2,573,285.74;  Kaskaskia College, $2,738,157.08 County Government, $4,270,801.60 Schools, $20,092,924.18.