FFA Chapter Applauds Members Excellence

April 17, 2014

Sandoval FFA Chapter applauds members Excellence

There was a crowd of nearly 100 at the Sandoval FFA Banquet on March 21st. Sandoval FFA Advisor, Casey Bolin says, “I am very excited about the huge crowd for such a small community and only the second year of FFA hear at our school. It truly shows how much the community supports our program.” The chapter began by eating a meal and then the members received recognition. Directly after the meal, State Senator Kyle McCarter gave remarks to encourage the community to continue to stand behind these FFA Members as well as encouraging the students to continue to be active in the organization. McCarter noted that the FFA members are the leaders of tomorrow and it was great to see such a crowd of great supporters.

Garrett Bates, Kaitlyn Bates, Haleigh Day, Meagun Erwin, Kade Gambill, Peyton Kelso, Bethany Kunick, Shea Pearce, Emily Pigg, Vinnie Reed, Christonia Saddler and Chelsey Voss were recognized for selling merchant gift cards throughout the year as a fundraiser. The buyer receives the full amount of the gift card purchased and the merchant donates a portion of the sale to our FFA Chapter.

Garrett Bates, Kaitlyn Bates, Haleigh Day, Kade Gambill, Bethany Kunick, Christonia Saddler received a nice FFA ink pen for having perfect attendance to all the meetings.

Garrett Bates, Katie Jo Bryan, Haleigh Day, Kade Gambill, Peyton Kelso, Bethany Kunick, Christonia Saddler, and Chelsey Voss received the academic award by having a 3.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale.

Katie Jo Bryan, Haleigh Day, Bethany Kunick, Garren Orrell, Shea Pearce, Emily Pigg, Vinnie Reed, Chelsey Voss, and Scottie Pryor received the Greenhand Degree. To receive this award you must be enrolled in a Ag class, plans for a SAE program (record books), and the ability to explain FFA motto, creed, emblem, official dress and colors.

Garrett Bates, Kaitlyn Bates, Kade Gambill, Peyton Kelso and Christonia Saddler received their Chapter FFA degrees. To receive your chapter degree you must have your Greenhand degree, a SAE program (record books), be in Ag. Classes and have a satisfactory scholastic record.

Individual FFA Members were recognized for attending the Land Use, Job Interview, Agronomy, Public Speaking, and Poultry Career Development Events this year.

The Outstanding Freshman Award went to Scottie Pryor. Pryor received a plaque for his achievement. Pryor has shown a great interest in the FFA and the chapter is excited to see him grow with the FFA for the next three years.

Kade Gambill received the Outstanding Sophomore Award. Gambill has been enthused about FFA since he walked in to the school doors when he was a freshman. Gambill has also fulfilled the duties of President and has taken oversaw many FFA events. A plaque was given to Gambill for his success.

Haleigh Day received the Outstanding Junior Award. Ms. Day has been a great asset to the FFA officer team and continues her determination to let the community know about the FFA. Haleigh enjoys participating at the “Friends of Sandoval FFA” meetings as well as attending the Sandoval Women’s Club meetings Adams received a plaque for her accomplishments.

Josh Nehrt was named the Outstanding Senior. Nehrt received a plaque for his undertakings. Mr. Nehrt participated in the Land Use and Job Interview Career Development Event’s. Josh is great to help in the classroom- he enjoys working with our hydroponics plant system as well as landscaping around the school.

Christonia Saddler was given the Chapter Workhorse Award. Throughout the past year as a FFA member Saddler has helped the Sandoval FFA chapter with many events. She has spent countless hours preparing for the Landuse, Crops, Job Interview, Poultry, Quiz Bowl, and Dairy Career Development Events (contests). Christonia Saddler completes awesome science fair projects to compete with at the FFA science fair events. Christonia has taken on a huge tasks of creating an FFA scrapbook to organize the history that the chapter is currently making.

2013-2014 Sandoval FFA Secretary, Christonia Saddler said, “If there were one word that describes FFA it would have to be Opportunity. Whether we are judging livestock or traveling around, FFA opens the doors for unbelievable events. When we wear the blue jacket, we are unlocking a world of possibilities.”

Community supporters were also thanked for all of their extra help throughout the year:

– Halloween Parade float- Al Hindeliter, Jeff & Heather Day, Bub’s Pub and Colonial Golf Course donated items to make the float a success.
– Family of Janet Foster for giving memorial donations in Ms. Foster’s memory.
– Media support- Salem Times Commoner, Centralia Sentinel, Shopper’s Weekly and WJBD Radio.
– Donations for the future Sandoval FFA greenhouse- Monsanto Corporation, Frank Heinzmann and Company Farms, Centralia Wal-Mart, Salem Wal-Mart, Deep Rock Energy Corporation, Kinmundy Christian Church, Evelyn Tolka Estate, Dave and RaeAnn Gore Farms, Farm Credit Services, Gary Keister Farms, Sandoval Woman’s Club, and Stacy Schuler

Special recognition was given to couple specific individuals that provided the Sandoval FFA use of their Suburban to travel with the past two years. Without their vehicle the chapter would not have the opportunity to take as many people to each event as we do. Tim and Tammy Bolin were presented with the Sandoval FFA Outstanding Community Supporter Award.

A community support group, “Friends of Sandoval FFA” was recently formed. The members of the group were recognized. Members include: Clint Ahlf, Tammy Bolin, Tim Bolin, TJ Bolin, Darin Brandt, Heather Day, Jeff Day, Scott Dykstra, Brandy Dykstra, Van Dykstra, Steve Gambill, Carla Gambill, Jered Gambill, Yancy Goodin, Tina Goodin, Gary Keister, Francis Lutz, Carl Michael, Kim Michael, Daniel Milano, Drew Milano, Carol Murray, Mark Rhodes, Susan Rhodes, Stephanie Rhodes, Steve Speiser, Connie Snyder, Wiley Snyder, Robyn Stocking, Deb Swagler, Terry Swagler, and Mary Vogt.

“And to all you FFA parents thank you for all of your help you give us. We could not do it without you, you take us from and to FFA meetings or events to the next or helping us with our FFA record books, or if it is hearing us rattle on our opinion of how something should happen. Thank you.” said 2013-2014 Sandoval FFA Treasurer, Kaitlyn Bates.

The Sandoval FFA Officer team presented their FFA Advisor, Mrs. Casey Bolin with kind words of appreciation as well as a small gift for their gratitude of her ability to lead the FFA members to become successful.

Sam Detwiler was the guest speaker for the evening. Detwiler is the State FFA President. He is originally from the Flanagan-Cornell FFA Chapter. Detwiler spoke on how challenging times can teach you life lessons and that you can always learn from mistakes.

The 2014-2015 Sandoval FFA Officers were installed towards the end of the banquet. Officers for next year will be President Kade Gambill, Vice President Christonia Saddler, Reporter Katie Jo Bryan, Secretary Garrett Bates, Treasurer Haleigh Day, and Sentinel Kaitlyn Bates.

Sandoval FFA Advisor presented the 2013-2014 Sandoval FFA Officer team with an officer pin for the FFA Jacket as well as kind but humorous introductions for each officer. The 2013-2014 included President Kade Gambill, Vice President Garrett Bates, Reporter Peyton Kelso, Secretary Christonia Saddler, Treasurer Kaitlyn Bates and Sentinel Haleigh Day.

Sandoval High School Principal, Mrs. Annie Gray ended the evening by bringing very positive comments to all those present in the room.