CHS Students Compete In Illinois Drafting Contest

March 21, 2014

Centralia High School Students Compete In Illinois Drafting Educators Association Contest

Kaskaskia College recently sponsored the 33rd Annual I.D.E.A. (Illinois Drafting Educators Association) Drafting Contest. The participants competed in eight separate divisions: Assembly Modeling, 3D Modeling, Introductory CAD, Machine CAD, Architectural CAD, Introductory Board, Architectural Board, and Architectural CAD 2D.

Students from Centralia who won awards were: Corey Meskill, 3rd in 3D Modeling; Trevor Phillips, 1st in Introductory CAD; Tim Morgan, 3rd in Machine CAD; Matt Dobbs, 1st in Introductory Board; and Karson Pelaey, 3rd in Introductory Board.

All first and second place winners are eligible to compete at the State I.D.E.A. Contest at Illinois State University.

Pictured are the participants who competed from Centralia High School: Matt Dobbs, River Phillips, Trevor Phillips, Tim Morgan, Corey Meskill, Jake Casner, Brandon Bierman, Trey Westbrook, Preston Robbins, Tony Hill and Karson Pelaez.