Centralia Cultural Society holds 9th annual Elmwood Speaks

September 15, 2020

By Cameron Wilson

Last weekend the Centralia Cultural Society had their 9th annual Elmwood Speaks event. The performance is a living history theatre program held at the cemetery where figures from Centralia’s history are portrayed. The event is an educational look at the lives of key local people who came to rest in Elmwood Cemetery. Among those featured were people such as Ruth Ann Frost and Dr. Jack Frost, a local doctor and nurse who served the community for over forty years, portrayed by Deanna DuComb and Frank Buckingham. Another figure was Robert Williams, portrayed by Brandon Smith. Robert Williams worked as a coal miner for a number of years and was pivotal in the creation of the first black Baptist Church in Centralia. Other cast members included Ernest “Ernie”“ Dolan played by Corey Davenport, Benjamin F. Patterson portrayed by Douglas Hixson, Faye Wham played by Molly Wilson, and Jason “Jasper” Kerr portrayed by John Stuehmeier. Tickets go on sale for next year’s show on August 1, 2021.

Cherokee Ray portrayed Charles C. Meyer, who was an early settler and local barber.
Haley Parson portrayed Annie Marshall, a concert quality violinist who tragically died at age 11.