Centralia Connected Mentoring Program Seeks Mentors, Volunteers

August 6, 2018

At last week’s Centralia SINA meeting Ericka Sanders spoke on the Centralia Connected Mentoring program. Now in its second year, the program is seeking mentors and volunteers to support our community’s youth. Centralia Connected is a partnership between the Centralia City Schools and community members that matches multiple caring, committed adults with one child, forming a family of support that is willing to do whatever it takes to help each one grow to be successful, motivated and responsible citizens.

Our community’s high levels of poverty and other issues cause obstacles that are often too great for our children and their families to overcome.   In addition, children need more than just resources. They need the same unwavering love and support and deep interpersonal relationships that we all need. Centralia Connected seeks to forge bonds between these children and adult volunteers in the Centralia area, a goal that not only provides the hand up that any child needs, but also connects people from all neighborhoods and backgrounds.

Nothing can foster community and understanding more than the shared common goal of raising children up to reach their highest potential. And, the improvement of a city can only be achieved if its citizens act together, listening and understanding each other’s perspectives and needs. In this vein, Centralia Connected believes that the children for which mentors are sought will, in fact, connect us with one another.

Centralia Connected seeks approximately 30 mentors for students entering the program in the Fall of the 2018/2019 school year. Because a team of mentors are matched with one child, anyone who is interested in applying to be a mentor is encouraged to recruit other responsible, caring adults to apply as well.

For more information about the application process, an online application, and specific details of the program, please go to centraliaconnected.com or call the Centralia City Schools at 618-545-6603.