Casey School project under budget

December 31, 2018

By Tesa Glass-

MT. VERNON — At 70 percent complete, the Casey Middle School gym project is well below budget, and only 12 percent of the contingency funds have been used.

“We are under budget,” District 80 Assistant Superintendent Ryan Swan confirmed. “We came in under budget on the HVAC project as well.”
The project remains on time schedule too, Swan said. The gym is now under roof, ductwork is almost complete and the next big installations projects the floor, bleachers and the sound system.

“On the Contingency Fund, we are way under budget,” Swan told members of the District 80 Board on Monday, Dec. 17. “For the HVAC project, we only used $46,000 in the contingency and that job is closed out. Right now, we have $302,200 for contingency for the gym project. … Some of that excess money will allow us to continue to do some of those other Health, Life, Safety things on the list. We will have to determine the priorities at a later date on some of that stuff. I’m really excited about where we are at financially and what we’ve been able to do and what this will allow us to do.”

Swan said he is also proud to report the fiscal responsibility to taxpayers.
“Everything that we talked about in the referendum, and things we kinda promised the taxpayers, we are right on course for all that,” Swan said.
District 80 Superintendent Aletta Lawrence said she is looking forward to the completion of the project.

“It’s getting exciting now because we can go inside now and it’s fully enclosed,” Lawrence said. “We were standing there in the middle of the gym and looking around. You know, this was dirt — just dirt — nine months ago. This was just where they dug out all of that dirt.”

Lawrence said the students and staff at Casey Middle School are also anxious for the completion of the project. Guided tours for staff and some students have been provided.

“(The students) are very interested in the construction,” Lawrence said. “They’ve been watching this for the last 10 months as it went up. They are all very excited.”

A list of the prioritized Health, Life, Safety projects is expected to be ready in time for the board retreat, slated for Jan. 18 and 19.