Area bank makes donations to two hospitals to help fight cancer locally

November 15, 2019

Thanks to Community First Bank in Mt. Vernon, more than just awareness was raised during October in the local fight against cancer.

In conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Community First Bank once again sponsored a “Cancer CD Special” in that for every CD opened or renewed during the month of October, CFB donated an additional 0.10% of the CD amount to help fight cancer locally, working with SSM Health Good Samaritan Hospital and Crossroads Community Hospital.
On Tuesday, November 5, a check in the amount of $1,000 on behalf of Community First Bank was presented to SSM Health Good Samaritan Hospital Cancer Care, and a $1,000 check was presented to Crossroads Community Hospital Radiology Department.

“Community First Bank is constantly looking for ways to help support the communities we serve, and what better way during Breast Cancer Awareness Month than to raise money to help the local community in the fight against this horrible disease,” according to Brandon Bullard, Marketing Director, Community First Bank. “We are grateful for the relationship and partnership with both of our local healthcare facilities and for all they do for our community,” Bullard said. “On behalf of our employees and our customers, we are proud and honored to be able to assist Crossroads Community Hospital and SSM Health Cancer Care’s missions with these donations.”

Jeremy Bradford, President of SSM Health Good Samaritan Hospital stressed the importance of ‘community’ in his remarks, and is proud that SSM Health Cancer Care is available in our community. “It’s all about community for us, and patient care. We strive to make sure that our patients and our community have the best possible experience here at SSM, and with donations like this, we can further the mission of SSM Health Good Samaritan Hospital to help the fight against cancer right here in our community,” Bradford said.

Amanda Basso, CEO, Crossroads Community Hospital remarked, “I would like to thank Community First Bank of the Heartland for understanding the importance of mammogram screening and breast cancer care. Having partners who care about the needs of the community is a wonderful asset to Jefferson County and the surrounding areas.”