93rd annual Centralia Halloween Parade fundraiser

October 1, 2019

By Cathy Stuehmeier

The 93rd annual Centralia Halloween Parade is scheduled for Saturday, October 26 this year. The Centralia parade is by far the oldest tradition in Centralia, and each year it takes money to put this exciting event on.

Every year the committee sells buttons to raise funds. This year there’s something brand new to underwrite the parade.

My lifelong dear friend Centralian Jay Borum designed a special coloring book celebrating the 93rd 2019 Halloween Parade. It’s the official souvenir for this year’s event.

You can help the parade and collect this souvenir to save or for the children to color.

Stop by our corporate office — The Weekly at 301 E. Broadway in downtown Centralia and get your coloring book for only $5.00.