2016 Centralia BPW Woman Of The Year

October 18, 2016

The Centralia BPW Woman of the Year was announced Sunday afternoon at the First Christian Church by the Co-Chair of BPW Week activities, Lorraine Bassett. The 2016 Woman of the Year is someone everyone knows and loves, Marion County Housing Authority Executive Director Allison Austin.
Lorraine Bassett announced the winner by saying, “Our recipient was raised with the belief that one must be willing to dedicate oneself to improving the lives of others, and has clearly lived by that belief. She is described as a champion for the less fortunate in our community and always ready to help anyone in need. I would like to present to you Allison Austin, the BPW Woman of the Year.”

Allison was chosen to receive this honor for her work with the City of Centralia, Kaskaskia College and the Executive Director of the Marion County Housing Authority as well as her commitment to make Marion County a better place to live for everyone.

Congratulations, Allison.

Pictured above are Bill and Leila Crain with daughter Allison and Allison’s husband Tom.