100 Days Of School

February 8, 2018
January 31 was the 100th Day of School at New Horizon Christian School in Centralia.  The students in Judy Flexter’s first grade class brought projects they had made with 100-like objects, and brought 100-like things in a container.  They also dressed up the way they thought they might look when they are 100 years old.  They paraded in the gym with the aid of canes and walkers. During the day they made a paper chain with 100 links for the  next year’s class to use for the countdown, played Bingo, strung 100 fruit loops on a string for an edible necklace and had  place mats with 100 spots to color.  They colored a pennant and cut out 100 hands to decorate a wall in the hallway. For snack they had cookies with “100” on top.  After a nap for the “old folks”, they had a senior yoga class led by one of the students.
Back row left to right: Mrs. Judy Flexter, Katie Queen, Gaige Donoho, Gia Foster (senior yoga instructor), Braxton Martin, Eli Marcum, Bella Martinez, Tillie Castleman, Quinn Tyberendt, Brooke Smith, Eilee Ashford, Front Row: Levi Green, Lane Phoenix, Jeremy Lyberger, Kylie Foltz and Isaac Matlock.
It was a very enjoyable day.