SINA hears from Gary Gaetti Sports Academy, Castle Ridge

July 30, 2019

Southern Illinois Networking Association met at the Centralia Recreation Complex on July 25. President Mike Chambers called the meeting to order with the Pledge and prayer. Members spoke about upcoming events in the community.

President Chambers introduced both Jack Harting and Melissa Roach as the featured speakers.

Harting began the presentation by speaking about the Gary Gaetti Sports Academy. Harting spoke on all of the features that the Academy will have. It will feature state-of-the-art baseball equipment for the public to use. He answered questions the members had for him. He said with weather permitting, the expected date of completion will be September, 2019.

Roach spoke to the group next on the features that Castle Ridge will have. It will have an event center that can be rented for many different functions. Another feature will be a restaurant that will have gourmet chefs. The restaurant will be open to the public. Other things to look for are both cabins and kayak runs.

This is going to be amazing for the city of Centralia and the surrounding communities.

For more information about SINA please contact Tina Suarez at or call 618-214-0836