Reading Link Volunteer Appreciation Dinner Held

May 11, 2018

A dinner honoring “Reading Link” volunteer tutors was held at Kaskaskia College’s Lifelong Learning Center recently.  Volunteer tutors from around the college district were invited to attend and be recognized for their selfless devotion to increasing literacy rates and inspiring confidence in their learners.

“The Reading Link” was formed to help combat illiteracy in the five counties of the Kaskaskia College District.  It provides free tutoring services by trained volunteers to help adults, ages sixteen and over, in the areas of reading, writing, math, computer use, English as a Second Language (ESL), as well as improving existing skills.  Tutoring is provided on a one-on-one basis in a convenient public setting such as a library, school, or church.  This is a service provided completely free of charge, and is strictly confidential.

Tommy Henegar, Director of Adult Education and Literacy at Kaskaskia told the crowd how much the tutors matter. “They make an enormous difference. Their generosity has had a profound and lasting impact on each learner they touched by being our advocate for Kaskaskia College and Adult Education and Literacy, and our community. Their willingness to share both their time and their talent by volunteering with our Reading Link program says a lot about each of them as human beings. Our tutor’s willingness to give selflessly to help others speaks to both of their strength and the quality of their character. With the help of our volunteer tutors, The Reading Link Program provides free literacy and pre-GED tutorial services to adult learners of the college district who have inadequate educational skills. Utilizing our trained volunteers as tutors, the services of The Reading Link equip adult learners with the tools necessary to begin building pathways that lead them to fulfilling their education, employment, and career goals. We as a KC family are committed to each learner form start to finish, our tutors are the catalyst to our success.”

Tutors honored were Charlene Heskett, Salem; Connie Wiese, Nashville, Linda Berry, Centralia; Susan Levine, Centralia; Betty Holthaus, Carlyle; Tom Cawi, Highland; Will and Linda Summers, Nashville; Mercedes Nepute, Centralia; and Debra Manns, Centralia.

For more information on the “Reading Link,” as well as the other Adult Education and Literacy programs, please contact them at 545-3115.