Koehler Makes Donation to Veterans Tribute at KC

July 21, 2014

Jim Koehler of Salem made a donation to the Veterans Tribute at Kaskaskia College from memorials from his father Charles Koehler’s passing. Charles Koehler, also of Salem was a World War II Veteran, serving in the Navy. He was a Pearl Harbor survivor, and also survived when the destroyer he was serving on was sunk during a battle in the Solomons in 1943. Later still Koehler served on a destroyer that swept the Japanese harbor for mines allowing the U.S.S Missouri to enter the harbor for the formal surrender ceremony, ending the war between Japan and the U.S. Charles Koehler recounted his time in service as a guest speaker during Kaskaskia College’s Veterans Day program in 2009.

Pictured: Jim Koehler, left, points to his father’s name, Charles Koehler, on a wall at the Veterans Tribute at Kaskaskia College, accompanied by Mr. Jim Beasley, Co-chair of the Veterans Tribute Committee, center, and Dr. Jim Underwood, President of Kaskaskia College, right.