KC English Faculty Combine for 129 Years of Teaching

April 6, 2018

Kaskaskia College’s rich history of education is evident in its English faculty which features a combined 129 years of teaching experience.  KC’s English faculty consist of Dr. Sue Hardebeck, Steve Normansell, John Orlet, Dr. Clint Stevens, and Josh Woods.

Professor Josh Woods has recently released his novel The Black Palace to great reviews. In addition to this, he also has stories coming out this year in a several different journals: Poor Yorick: A Journal of Rediscovered Objects in 2018 and Prime Number Magazine, Issue 131, April-June 2018. Woods has published genre and literary short stories in numerous journals, magazines, and collections, and has edited three books of anthologized fiction. He has also published essays about techniques and strategies for writing fiction. He teaches Creative Writing, Literature, and College Composition at Kaskaskia College.

In addition to his teaching assignments, Dr. Clint Stevens’ is working to improve the College’s tutoring services at its Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) by developing a training program for new tutors and increasing resources for both students and tutors.  He’s also helping the Center to increase the number of para-professional tutors and to offer English as a Second Language tutoring.  Dr. Stevens is also a published author with works featured in a variety of publications:  “William Blake’s Golgonooza and Jerusalem: A Conversation in Visionary Forms Dramatic.” European Romantic Review, July 2009; “Honoring GE Bentley, Jr.: Review.  Eighteenth Century Theory and Interpretation 53.4 2013; “Maps of America.” Dark Mountain. Issue 4 (2013); “Let Alone.” Dark Mountain. Issue 5 (2014); and “Heroic Tales and Hobbits.” Legendariummedia.com (2014).  He was also an Associate Editor for the publication, Surreal South ’13 (2013).

In addition to their classroom work, the English Department is helping other budding writers through a Creative Writing Club, where writers meet to share and discuss inspiration, tips, fears, strategies, and, of course, their own writing. The club is open to all KC students, faculty, and staff.

Another great addition to the College is the Visiting Writers Series that occurs in the fall and spring, and includes a guest writer who will offer a reading of his or her work as well as a question-and-answer session and a book signing. The purpose of the Visiting Writers Series is to offer Kaskaskia College and the surrounding community an opportunity to see, meet, learn from, and interact with published and awarded authors and poets. Such events not only cultivate and encourage the appreciation of reading, writing, and the literary arts, but they also inspire and enrich on the personal level.

One very popular class offered at KC in the fall semesters is Film Appreciation and Film History Professor Hardebeck says, “These are two classes that students seem to really enjoy.  In Film Appreciation they learn about basic film techniques with the goal of understanding how films communicate through images, and in Film History they get to see the development of these techniques as well as the rise and fall of the Hollywood studio system.

Another popular class is Classical Mythology, which stems from students’ love for fantasy in general.  Hardebeck says, “This is the generation that grew up reading the Harry Potter novels, the Percy Jackson series, and the Hunger Games, and some of the video games they’ve played borrow heavily from mythology. Often, I’ll have students who have had positive experiences with mythology in high school or middle school, and they just want to learn more”.

Kaskaskia College is very proud of its faculty and their English faculty is no exception.  Kellie Henegar, Dean of Arts and Sciences says, “It is really an honor to work with this group of faculty.  As a Department, this group of faculty brings so much experience and variety of interests and expertise to our College.”

To find out more about opportunities and activities available through KC’s English Department contact the college at 618-545-3026.

Pictured are Professors Josh Woods, Dr. Sue Hardebeck, Steve Normansell, Dr. Clint Stevens and John Orlet.