KC Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program Holds Advisory Board Meeting

May 9, 2019

The Kaskaskia College Diagnostic Medical Sonography (DGMS) Program held their annual advisory board meeting. Sonography instructors, clinical instructors, and sonographers met to discuss the DGMS program. Past Evaluations and registry results were assessed along with current curriculum discussion and program acceptance criteria. Kaskaskia College participates in the Comprehensive Agreement Regarding Expansion of Educational Resources (CAREER). Students who reside in a community college district that does not offer a DGMS program may apply to the KC DGMS program for the in-district tuition rate.

Pictured are Lindi Hegger, KC DGMS Adjunct Faculty; Ashten Einhorn, DGMS student (St. Elmo); Julie Obermark, KC Dean of Nursing and Health Sciences; Jill Tally, Sonographer St. John’s Hospital in Springfield; Mimi Polczynski, KC Radiology Program Director; Wanda Strubhart, Sonographer SSM Maternal Fetal Care; Heather Heintz, Sonographer Memorial East Hospital; Cindy Jansen, Sonographer SSM Health Fetal Care Center; Kelley Kraeger, Sonographer St. Joseph’s Hospital in Highland; Stacia Goings, Imaging Director SBLHC in Mattoon; and Cindy Hoffmann, KC DGMS Program Coordinator. Not pictured but in attendance were Candace Sloat, KC Faculty Radiology and DGMS; Dave Overlot, Imaging Director Decatur Memorial Hospital; and Erika Griggs, Quality Coordinator and Lead Sonographer SSM Health SLU Hospital.