KC on the Cutting Edge with Geospatial Technology

April 24, 2014

KC on the Cutting Edge with Geospatial Technology

Geospatial Technology (GST) is defined as “an information technology field that acquires, manages, interprets, integrates, displays and analyzes data in order to manage and make better decisions”. You most likely don’t realize it but you benefit from GST every day! Whether it’s location on your cell phone, response of emergency services or the convenience of a department store or restaurant, GST had a hand in making these things happen. All over the world companies and organizations are using this technology to manage the environment, work more efficiently and provide us with the goods and services we need.

Geospatial Technology is used in almost every industry. Here are the most popular high growth industries where GST is currently being used and more technicians are needed every day: utilities, telecommunications, government, defense and intelligence, emergency services, healthcare, consumer location services, land and property management, marine, transportation and logistics, financial, insurance, retail chains and construction.

Realizing the fast growing need for this knowledge and background, Kaskaskia College has started a Geospatial Technology program that currently has a Certificate program and thanks to an Advanced Technology Education grant received from the National Science Foundation, we will soon have an Associate’s Degree that will be transferable to other universities. In order to stay on the fast growing edge of technology of this area of study, we have partnered with the National GeoTech Center, the Illinois GIS Association, SIU-Carbondale and our local Industry Advisory Board to make sure we adjust our curriculum to keep up with technology and knowledge needed.

We have structured the classes so a student can choose an introduction to GST by taking “Mapping Your Digital World” as an elective in most of the current Certificate and Degree programs we have. No matter what field of study our students are interested in, Geospatial Technology is a skill that will give them a better advantage when it comes to future employment opportunities.

In our rural area Geospatial Technology is not a stand alone occupation, but it is incorporated in hundreds of existing jobs. This is why KC’s classes are relevant to our district. Many companies and organizations have begun using GST in order to help them be successful. Many of our students are currently working and wanting to learn more about this technology and how it applies to their particular industry. We offer classes in the evenings to serve this current workforce.

If you have any questions about this new program, please call or email Art Borum at 618-545-3401 or aborum@kaskaskia.edu