KC Culinary Arts Program Holds Advisory Board Meeting

April 12, 2019

The Advisory Committee for the Kaskaskia College Culinary Arts Program met recently in the Lifelong Learning Center on the KC campus. Discussion items included the need for professional culinarians to have full knowledge and understanding of culinary terminology, managerial do’s and don’ts, proper resume and cover letter writing, social media etiquette, the importance of oral communication skills, workplace confidentiality, appropriate workplace language/topics of discussion, and proper knife safety, care and use.

The development of impeccable employability skills was also discussed as well as upcoming changes to foodservice in hospitals and adult care facilities that will require trained culinarians to fill kitchen positions. Job placement and off-site internship site procurement are areas which the team will be working together to improve as to provide an outstanding, competitive educational environment for our students. Additionally, members of the advisory committee were asked to aid in active recruitment of new culinary students. They were provided information highlighting the strengths of the KC culinary program as well as the degree/certificate options available and a detailed description of the program course offerings.
Pictured are 1st row – Doug Palm, Twelve Oaks Winery, Carlyle; Kristin Williams, Culinary Services Manager, Kaskaskia College, Greenville; Susan Baumgartner, Centralia City School District No. 135, Centralia. Standing in Row 2 is Robert Rhymes, Culinary Arts Program Coordinator, Kaskaskia College.