KC Basketball Program Holds Christmas Basketball Camp

January 4, 2018

The KC Men’s Basketball Team recently hosted a “Christmas Camp” for grade school players on Sunday, December 10 from 1:30 to 5:00 p.m.  The camp was held, in part, to give parents the opportunity to Christmas shop.

The camp was conducted by KC head basketball coach Brian Hancock, assistant coach Taylor Hassell and the entire Blue Devils team and consisted of the fundamentals of basketball as well as offense, defense, and shooting strategies.

Pictured are the Blue Devils and the campers:  Nash Cottrill, Centralia; Nolan Thompson, Centralia; Cleedon McDonal, Centralia; Cash Meyer, Centralia; Beckham Beal, Centralia; Brever Beal, Centralia; Zyan Shorts, Centralia; Macy Alcorn, Centralia; Logan Haines, Odin; Drew Haines, Odin; Lilly Biegeleisen, Centralia; Zac Henson, Centralia; Caden Lamb, Centralia; Drake Smith, Carlyle; Seth Morris, Centralia; Alijah Morris, Centralia; Cayce Morris, Centralia; Archie Goewey, Irvington; Boden Goewey, Irvington; Aiden Reynolds, Centralia; Grant Davis, Centralia; Jaedyn Smith, Centralia; Cooper Breiter, Centralia; Treven Niermann, Centralia; T’Ondra Jamison, Centralia; Jaitlen White, Centralia; Carter Schossler, Centralia; Keagan Burleyson, Centralia; Benett Edwards, Centralia; Beckham Bass, Centralia; Annalyn Bass, Centralia; Brylan Guthrie, Centralia; William Stanton, Centralia; Elizabeth Britt, Patoka; Rhett Lambert, Centralia; Rorie Lambert, Centralia; Jaxson Hancock, Centralia; Hadley Dillinger, Centralia; Trevor Heinrichsmeyer, Centralia; Justus Edson, Centralia; Jai Edson, Centralia; Easton Johnson, Centralia; Maddoc Johnson, Centralia; Garrett Denton, Centralia; Spencer Fruend, Carlyle; Seth Fruend, Carlyle; Gavin Lamczyk, Carlyle; Sofia Lamczyk, Carlyle; Austin Johnson, Carlyle; Blake Johnson, Carlyle; Jayden Noffke, Carlyle; Lukas Deomes, Centralia; Lucas Connaway, Walnut Hill; Isaac Schuler, Salem; Joshua Keller, Salem; Madison Peak, Walnut Hill; Michael Organ, Walnut Hill; Johnathan Organ, Walnut Hill; Kloi Spencer, Kell; Tyler Dennis, Centralia; Caiden Taylor, Walnut Hill; Seth Coffman, Walnut Hill; Dylan Coffman, Walnut Hill; Haylee Mustread, Centralia; Marquis Ettress, Salem; Alton Davis, Centralia; Caydin Harden, Sandoval; Braeden McClelland, Junction City; Kody Skurat, Junction City; Dallas Fair, Sandoval; Brock Beckmann, Sandoval; Trenton Dempsey, Sandoval; Armoni Dempsey, Sandoval; Israel Simmons (Centralia), Jerzee Schuchmann (Centralia), and Reid Speiser, Sandoval.

Also pictured are KC players and coaches.  In front is Jamal Thomas and Fabrizzo Ramos. In back is Coach Brian Hancock, Arthur Carter, Logan Kohrmann, Justin Shaw, Brandon Odell, Khaliff Davis, Jaylen Johnson, Alex Movila. Garrett Belcher, Josh Roberts, Shane Ganz and Coach Taylor Hassell.