Katherine Overstreet Teacher of the Year at KC

March 26, 2015

The Illinois Adult and Continuing Education Association (IACEA) held its annual conference in Springfield on March 4 – 6, at the Springfield Hilton. IACEA is a statewide adult education organization that provides leadership, representation, and advocacy for adult education and literacy practitioners in order to advance, unify, and professionalize the field.Each year at the annual conference, the IACEA Board presents outstanding awards to an Adult Education director; support staff person; teacher; and student. IACEA members are asked to nominate candidates who meet the nominating criteria of each award related to their works or receipt of services from an Illinois adult education provider.

Katherine Overstreet, who serves as Kaskaskia College’s Librarian and an adjunct instructor for the KC’s Adult Education and Literacy Program, was this year’s recipient of the IACEA Arthur J. Stejskai Memorial Teacher of the Year Award. Ms. Overstreet, who has provided twenty-plus years of services in the state of Illinois in the areas of adult education and literacy, was nominated by Lisa Atkins, KC’s Dean of Adult Education and Literacy. Letters of recommendations for the award for Ms. Overstreet were sought from representatives of Kaskaskia College and her former supervisor at Olney Central College. Each letter of recommendation mentioned Ms. Overstreet’s commitment to student learning and her unwavering enthusiasm and passion for the field of education.

Ms. Overstreet’s career in adult education and literacy began at Olney Central College (OCCC) where she became a tutor for their Learning Skills Center while pursuing her associate degree at the college. Upon earning her bachelor’s degree, Ms. Overstreet became an adult education instructor at OCC. After a year of becoming employed as a full-time instructor for the program, Ms. Overstreet lost her employment at OCC because of budget cuts. Ms. Overstreet remained employed with the Illinois Eastern Community College system as a Faculty Resource staff member for a short-time and eventually accepted a position at Kaskaskia College as the new Title III Curriculum Learning Specialist. Shortly upon her arrival at Kaskaskia College, Ms. Overstreet sought employment as an instructor for the college’s adult education and literacy program. Ms. Overstreet has served as an instructor for Kaskaskia College’s Adult Education and Literacy Program for five years.

Pictured is Lisa Atkins and Kathy Overstreet.