Basketball Camp Held at Kaskaskia College

June 22, 2017
The Kaskaskia College Basketball Program recently hosted a camp at the KC Gym.  The camp was instructed by KC head coach Brian Hancock and KC players. 
Pictured are the campers Benett Edwards (Centralia), Mason Boatright (Carlyle), Jackson Mikesell (Centralia), Jarett Rushing (Centralia), Spencer Fruend (Carlyle), Seth Fruend (Carlyle), Logan Fruend (Carlyle), Kendal Rakers (Carlyle), Dakota Rakers (Carlyle), Dawson Rudolphi (Centralia), Michael Brinkman (Carlyle), Grayson Strader (Carlyle), Alton Davis (Centralia), Ethan Brinkmann (Carlyle), Braden Rector (Centralia), Drake Rector (Centralia), Dawson Rueter (Albers), Trigg Goestenkors (Albers), Zechariah Rademacher (Sandoval), Micaiah Rademacher (Sandoval), Garrett Denton (Centralia), Bryson Finckbone (Centralia), Zachary Henson (Centralia), Breyer Beal (Centralia), Caden Lamb (Centralia), Ashton Mathis (Centralia), Christian Nollmann (Centralia), Xavier Koch (Centralia), Keagan Burleyson (Centralia), Ryder Koger (Centralia), Jaxson Hancock (Centralia).   In back are KC head coach Brian Hancock, and KC players Logan Kohrmann, Shane Ganz, Garrett Belcher, Jered Cain.