Local School’s Giving Project Benefits Animals

March 12, 2019

By Cathy Stuehmeier

As most know, we at The Weekly are huge animal activists, especially supportive of the Centralia and other local animal shelters and the kitty rescue group. However, we are not alone in our commitment to do what we can for the animals (dogs, cats and horses). Many contributions have flooded in through the front and back doors of our corporate office in downtown Centralia, some from as far away as North Carolina.

Each and every donation has helped feed and care for many cats and kittens as well as the Centralia Animal Shelter’s dogs and cats, but none has been more meaningful than the one given by the wonderful children from kindergarten to eighth grade at Trinity Lutheran School in Centralia.

Last week Principal Mark von Soosten pulled his pickup truck up to the door and announced, “We have some contributions to help the animals.” Little did we know he had a truckload full, thanks to Mr. von Soosten, the children and parents of Trinity Lutheran School.

However, this isn’t all this dedicated principal and these students do. We learned that, in fact, this was the second time they had donated to the Shelter. Along with other community minded efforts, kind and charitable acts like donating to the food pantry, at Christmas they adopt a family, and they get involved in projects of giving once a month.

Principal von Soosten started his second year at Trinity Lutheran School in Centralia this school year. He said proudly and with strong commitment, “I felt like I was coming home,” because he had not lived in the Midwest since 1990. This year is his 39th year in Trinity Lutheran Schools.
So let us say welcome home, kind sir, and keep up the good work, and let us also say thank you from the animals. Thank you to these lovely children and the wonderful parents.

Photo Credit:
The Weekly Staff Photo