Bi-State Wildlife Hotline assists with wildlife conflicts

March 14, 2019

The Bi-State Wildlife Hotline has always tried to provide help to all residents of Missouri and southwestern Illinois. Beginning in 2019, this group will be able to provide faster response times when rescuing animals, and added convenience for callers that need help all over our service area.

They will continue to offer their services statewide, with improved services in certain regions. They have added licensed rehabilitators and rescue staff in Springfield, North St. Louis, Florissant, South County, Wildwood, and Farmington in Missouri as well as Centralia and Benton, in Illinois.

Bi-State Wildlife’s headquarters is located in Black Jack Missouri, in the Florissant area of North St. Louis County. This area is home to a plethora of urban wildlife, and our center is trying to take a step toward solving wildlife conflicts humanely in a previously underserved community. Urban wildlife conflicts cause more than 50% of the calls to the Wildlife Hotline. They offer callers simple, effective, humane solutions to solve conflicts without having to hire anyone to trap, kill, or relocate animals. They are also happy to be able to offer a more centrally located option for residents who find sick, injured and orphaned wildlife in need of help.

Spring is coming soon, and that means wildlife encounters with humans will begin to occur more often, as they do every year. Bi-State Wildlife Hotline’s primary goal is to educate callers 24 hours a day on what to do and what NOT to do when they find wildlife that they believe need intervention. Often these wild babies do not need human intervention at all. The group strives to make sure that callers get answers immediately, before any harm can be done. If an animal is determined to need assistance, they are available to help. Their #1 priority is to do what is best for the animal, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

Their wildlife specialists have learned many interesting things about the habits and characteristics of the amazing creatures that live in Missouri and Illinois. That understanding has allowed us to assist thousands of homeowners and businesses involved in conflicts with wildlife and to do so in a nonlethal manner. Calling our Wildlife Hotline can bring immediate help, 24 hours a day. Educating the public about wildlife encounters, conflicts, and peacefully coexistence is a key component in helping homeowners learn to better understand the important role of urban wildlife in our environment, and children learn to engage in the natural world without fear.

The Bi-State Wildlife Hotline, Inc. is a nonprofit organization founded in 2011 that runs on the support of private donations, without federal or state funding. They are 100% volunteer staffed by veterinary technicians, veterinarians, animal care workers, wildlife professionals, and other animal lovers of all kinds. To learn more about the organization, please visit their website at or visit them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram @WildlifeHotline.

They accept new volunteer applications, and offer free training for new applicants once annually. This year’s New Volunteer Training will be held on March 30 from 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Humane Society of MO, 1201 Macklind Ave, St. Louis MO 63110. Interested parties must fill out an application online at before attending.