Police Chief Atchison Announces Resignation

Community Awareness
September 20, 2019

City Manager Ramey announces Police Chief Brian Atchison has submitted his resignation effective October 18, 2019. Chief Atchison leaves the Centralia Police Department after 30 years of service where he served in positions of Patrolman, Sergeant, Lieutenant and appointed to Chief of Police October 1, 2016. Atchison notes in his resignation letter, “I am grateful for the career opportunities that I have been given with the City of Centralia, while serving as a police officer with the Centralia Police Department. I was afforded the unique opportunity to hold each rank in the department, before being appointed Chief of Police.”

Atchison reported that after 30 years with the City’s Police Department that he feels like it is time to do something different. During his 30 years of service he obtained every rank in the Police Department and accepted the City Manager’s offer to become Chief 3 years ago. He has been offered and is accepting a position with Kaskaskia College in their Security Department. Atchison has been a dedicated Chief of Police who has always wanted to do the right things and make the Police Department a better Department and make our City an even better place to live and raise a family with a safe environment.

The Police Department consists of 24 Sworn Full Time officers including the Police Chief, 1 person in Police Records, 1 Police Secretary, as well as 6 Telecommunication “911” Officers that are under the supervision of the Chief of Police. Chief Atchison has worked diligently with me over the past 3 years as Police Chief and accomplished several things including increasing technology for the department including GPS tracking for squad vehicles, increased surveillance cameras throughout the City and body cameras for officers. As well as, new safer and improved body vests for officers and increased training for staff. Additionally, with his help there have been no decrease in budgeted staffing levels for the past 8 years in the Police Department.

His dedication and commitment to the Citizens of Centralia and to his staff will be missed and I believe the Mayor and City Council share my thoughts of wishing him the best at his new position he is undertaking and wish him a well-deserved retirement from the Centralia Police Department.
I appreciate any citizen seeing Chief Atchison in the next several weeks to say “thank you” for his 30 years of service with Centralia Police Department.

The City will soon start the process of selecting a new Police Chief.
Please contact the Office of the City Manager with any questions at (618) 533-7623.