Working Togeth[ER] for emergency healthcare

July 2, 2019

By Cathy Stuehmeier-

There are a lot of good things happening in Centralia and the surrounding communities. One such thing in the works is a plan designed to expand and improve the emergency treatment rooms and transform emergency care at SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital in Centralia. The new Emergency Department is one aspect of a total investment of $30 million over several years into SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital, who employs 868 hometown people, making them the largest employer in Marion County. Their goal is to serve the citizens of the area for many years to come. SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital has made the commitment of $25 million, leaving $5 million for our community and SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital Foundation in Centralia to raise. Through the generosity of many, $2.5 million of the $5 million has already been committed.

Mr. Damon Harbison, President of SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital, presented this worthwhile project called Togeth[ER] in a meeting at SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital on Friday, June 21. Those present were able to take a virtual tour of what will be Centralia’s newly designed and renovated emergency department that was last updated in 1982.

So what’s included?
• Double the square footage.
• All private treatment rooms.
• Expanded and modernized visitor lobby designed for the family’s needs during an emergency visit with a loved one.
• A new patient and visitor entrance, separate from the ambulance entrance, a must for the new Emergency Department.
• A new rapid medical examination unit for treatment of emergent, but more minor illnesses and injuries which expedites care and improves flow throughout the ER.
Also included:
• Creation of four specifically designed rooms for patients who present to the E.R. with behavioral health conditions.
• Two pediatric suites designed for the needs of children and their families.
• Two dedicated resuscitation rooms for the most severely ill patients.
• Two dedicated rooms for treatment and containment of infectious disease.
• Addition of a new decontamination room inside the E.R. for prompt and safe removal of harmful chemicals.
Any hospital is the cornerstone in their community.
• They employ your friends and family members.
• They care for your friends and family.
• They provide economic viability.

SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital has a legacy in this community that spans more than a century, regardless of ability to pay.

Every community needs access to quality healthcare. However, a project of this magnitude would not be possible without everyone’s support.
SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital of Centralia remains a non profit organization.

And working Togeth[ER], SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital Foundation and our community leaders are committed to reaching their goal to serve the community with excellence so Togeth[ER] we can all make a difference. Every dollar donated counts. All gifts are tax deductible for this project. Please consider today a donation.

For more information you can contact Shawna Bullard, Regional Administrative Director of Fund Development at 618-899-1047.

Pictured is Damon Harbison, President of SSM St. Marys Centralia.