Tracking Jefferson County Finances

April 9, 2018

Are you interested in tracking the finances of Jefferson County? Since December of last year we have been posting the monthly “Budgetary Status Reports” on the county’s website – Once you are on the website just click Departments, then Treasurer/Collector and select County Financial Statements. There you will find the current fiscal year monthly reports, and last year’s year-end report. These reports show the budget line by line as well as the income and expense both monthly, and year-to-date. If you have questions about something you see, please give me a call.

While you are on the county website you might want to check out the other information found there. Things like contact information for office holders, election results, county board meeting dates, animal shelter adoptions, various applications and forms, recordings of county board meetings, and lots of other information. All in effort to keep you informed.