Spotlight On Business: Showcase Home Furnishings

September 10, 2019

By Tina Suarez

On the beautiful morning of August 6, I walked into Showcase Home Furnishings, a beautiful store that I had never been to before to meet with Mr. Ferris Orange. He met me at the service counter to greet me and immediately made me feel at home. He sat down with me and suggested that the interview be casual and to just begin to ask him questions.

Ferris has been at Showcase Home Furnishings for 17 years and plans to be there for many years to come to continue to meet all of his customers’ home furnishing needs.

Ferris began his marketing career with Rent One. He managed the Rent One store in Centralia.

He was then approached by Prime Time Rentals where he did sales, training, and marketing among other duties. He stayed with them for seven years. Prime Time, he said, is located in Missouri, Illinois and Arkansas.

He then decided to come to Mt. Vernon with the vision of changing the overall rent-to-own philosophy. He wanted to be a local mom-and-pop store — to run the operation as he saw fit. His personal philosophy is, “Do it your way and don’t compete.” What he is most proud of is that he can serve his customers with 12 months same as cash and no interest.

Showcase Home Furnishings carries all types of beautiful furniture as well as appliances. In the years that Ferris has been at the store he has begun to see generational shopping, which means that he’s been able to help meet families’ home furnishing needs and now is serving the next generation. If you can satisfy a family well enough that they have their children come shop at the store, then you are certainly doing something right! That is just one of the reasons Ferris has been able to keep the business running strong for the past 17 years.

Ferris did his research and found out that besides the furniture that he sells, the highest disposable purchases that a family needs are tires. Yes, tires!! So, he began to sell tires. He said, “Find out what all of your customers’ needs are, and they will continue to come shop with you.”
He noted that he carries a wide variety of name brands and stressed that everything in his store is American made. According to Ferris, “If you always just want to save money, then you sacrifice quality.” In addition to expert advice in choosing your purchases, Ferris can also set you up with a convenient payment plan.

Ferris is proud to say that Showcase Home Furnishings is a Christian-run store. In fact, he’s also a practicing minister and is always sharing God’s love. “There’s much more to serving customers than just meeting their needs. You’re helping them and solving their problems,” says Ferris.

He told me the story of a couple who had come into the store and the girl was upset. He asked the young lady what was wrong; she said that her boyfriend was being deployed immediately, so they would not have time to get married. Ferris called his wife to come to the store, grabbed a lady that was in the store shopping to act as witnesses and he married them right there on the spot! That’s just one example of surely meeting everyone’s needs. “It’s all about giving back to the people and not to feed greed,” he says.

After the interview I was able to look around the store. He has some beautiful furniture and appliances. If you are looking for beautiful furniture, great appliances, (and yes, tires!) you need to get to Showcase Home Furnishings at 1121 Veterans Memorial Drive in Mt. Vernon. You can also call him or his staff at 244-3333. You won’t regret it. And you will be shopping local.

The co-owners of Showcase home furnishings are Ferris and Jamie Orange, and Kevin and Sonya Shelton.