Recreation Complex Director featured at SINA meeting

April 23, 2019

By Tina Suarez

President Mike Chambers started the April 11 meeting of the Centralia SINA Club with welcoming everyone in attendance. Tom Schwartz said the prayer for the morning. The meeting continued with everyone sharing what was going on in the community.

Mike introduced Sonya Germann as the speaker. Sonya began her presentation with a personal life history about her family, school, sports, college and her refereeing career. She noted that she was one of the first female referees in Southern Illinois. It was noted that she feels that her great work ethics got her to where she is today.

She was approached by Jan Monken in January of 1995 to come apply for the position of aquatics supervisor. She did so, was hired in April, and began May 30, 1995 as the aquatic director. In her next step, she was approached by John Lackey to step up to the position of director and she took the position.

She discussed all of the programs that the Complex is responsible for, including Rotary Park and Fantasy of Lights, just to name a few.

One of the new things that are coming to the Recreation Complex is pickle ball. This is a combination of ping pong, racquetball and tennis.

Another new program is a collaboration with the Centralia Regional Library. This program will allow library card holders the opportunity to come to the library and get a free one-time pass to a program at the Complex such as a yoga class. What an opportunity!

Sonya continued by letting the members know that the Centralia Recreation Complex is the only complex that is privately owned and not owned and operated by the city in which another complex is located. The complex was built by donated monies.

Sonya values having programs that help and value families.

A magazine that showed when the Complex began was passed around for everyone in attendance to look at. The “dream” for the Centralia Recreation Complex began in October, 1991, when leaders of various groups met to discuss the future of recreation in Centralia. On October 2, 1995 at 6 a.m., that “ dream” came true as the new facility was opened for business.