Murray Center Dental Clinic Ribbon Cutting

August 11, 2017

The updating of this dental clinic has been a dream of mine for several years. Almost a year ago today I was contacted by Kelly Meyer, our dental hygienist, and Angel Lance, our dental assistant asking for advice on how to get new dental chairs. A year ago we had one old and outdated dental chair, and it frequently quit working when a Murray individual was in the middle of a procedure. This caused a lot of grief and upset the individuals.

I told Kelly and Angel to start looking for new dental chairs, and that somehow the Murray Parents Association would pay for them. Angel and Kelly spent many hours searching for just the right dental chairs, and they did this during their free time, in the evening, and during the weekends. They were the driving force behind getting this done.

In September 2016 one of our precious Murray individuals passed away Marsha Mahlandt, Marsha will always be known for the purses she always carried with her….she had a huge collection,and a purse for every occasion.

Marsha’s family then asked if there was a way to honor Marsha and help Murray Center. I immediately thought of the dental clinic, and thanks to their generosity we now have these two new dental chairs.

The Friends for Murray Center group also contributed towards the purchase of the chairs, as did the Murray Parents’ Association. We are grateful to the Friends for Murray Center who have continued to support the individuals of Murray Center.

The MPA also sound t shirts to help purchase a new dental cart, that is in the process now of being purchased.The cart we now have was made in 1934.

Thanks also to our painter Dave who totally repainted, and designed the rooms to be more “user friendly”. We appreciate him sharing his talents with us.

What makes this ribbon cutting so special is that we all saw a need, and working together we did it. The state of Illinois is in dire financial straits, and working together we were able to get this done without any state funding. It shows me how important Murray is to so many people, especially our loved ones who live here. At a recent meeting with Director of the Division of Developmental Disabilities Greg Fenton he immediately asked if I thought we could use this clinic for developmentally disabled individuals living in the community who need dental care desperately. Director Fenton, along with SODC Director Tiffany Bailey, and Assistant Deputy Director Region 2 John Absher. and our center director Mary Ann Smith are working to make this a reality. Besides our own individuals benefiting we hope that many other needy individuals in the years to come may benefit from the generosity of the Mahlandts and others. Thank you!