Marion County Has Been Selected To Receive Funding

September 14, 2018

Marion County has been selected to receive an appropriation of $19,985 by Congress to supplement emergency food and shelter programs in Marion County
Emergency Food and Shelter Program is reserving a portion of these funds for the State Set-Aside (SSA) process.

Under the set aside program, each state receives a minimum of $250,000 and counties that may not have received funding in the original allocation can possibly qualify based upon the unemployment rate, if they:
· Previously qualified for the program, but no longer meet the established formula and demonstrate high levels of need.
· With unusually high levels of unemployment or poverty, but do not meet the minimum 300 unemployed cut-off.
· Have pockets of homelessness or poverty and do not qualify for direct funding; or,
· Are experiencing recent negative economic changes, such as plant closings.

The National Board is chaired by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and consists of representatives from the United Way of America, The American Red Cross, The Salvation Army, United Jewish Communities, Catholic Charities, and the National Council of Churches. A local board is charged to distribute funds appropriated by Congress to help expand the capacity of food and shelter programs in high-need areas in the county.

A local board made up of The United Way of South Central Illinois, The Red Cross, Catholic Charities, the Salvation Army, area church representatives and local government officials will determine how the funds are awarded to Marion County and will be distributed among the emergency food and shelters programs run by local service agencies in the area.

Under terms of the grant from the National Board, local agencies chosen to receive funds must:
1. Be private voluntary non-profit or units of government
2. Be eligible to receive federal funds
3. Have an accounting system
4. Practice non-discrimination
5. Have demonstrated the capability to deliver emergency food or shelter services
6. Must have a voluntary board


Public or private voluntary agencies interested in applying for Emergency Food and Shelter Program funds must contact Natalie Wellen at the United Way of South Central Illinois at 618-242-8000 for an application. Final deadline for the applications will be September 24, 2018.